Welcome toYSM™

A place where people can learn how to use their STORY & their STRENGTHS to make passive income that matters.


Welcome to YSM™, friend.

A place where people can learn how to use their STORY & their STRENGTHS to make passive income that matters.

I'm ready!

It doesn't matter who you are, where you've been or where you're going – Your Story Matters and it's time to learn how to use it.



If you're wanting to learn how to use your natural strengths make meaningful passive income from home (or anywhere), you're in the right place.

Inside Your Story Matters™ you'll learn exactly how to take your natural strengths & passions and use them to create digital products that SERVE people. Total beginner? No problem. You'll learn step-by-step exactly how to create, launch & market your own digital product.



Get access to education, mentorship, community & self-development that helps you learn how to take your PASSION and create meaningful income for years to come.

Let's go!
education + community + mentorship + self-development

What is Your Story Matters™ ?


YSM™ is a lifetime "living & breathing" platform experience. It was created to teach ordinary people how to use their story & their strengths to make passive income that matters.

It's a place to settle down.

A place to grow roots.

Lifetime access to Your Story Matters™ gives you:

SIMPLY PASSIVE: A 50+ video module beginner-friendly course designed to be an easy on ramp for beginners to learn how to make meaningful income from home


THE STORY METHOD COURSE: A 25-video module course that includes walking people through discovering their strengths and what niche they SHOULD be in. So many have gifts that would serve them well OUTSIDE of the wealth niche and this course is the tool to help more people. It also includes a 21-day step by step guide to creating your own digital product, a deep dive into YOUR STORY and how to use it in marketing, and how to show up with authority.


CREATE-YOUR-OWN MINI COURSE: A video course that teaches you how to create your OWN mini-course from brainstorming ideas that sell, outlining, video techniques, platforms, technical tools needed, and more. 


THE YOUR STORY MATTERS™ WEBSITE EXPERIENCE: Includes 4 pillars [Self-development, Education, Mentorship, and Community] that will be part of an experience that has elements such as a book club, podcast recommendations, the ability to receive text messages with inspirational quotes, mentorship call reminders, and more.


2 LIVE WEEKLY MENTORSHIP CALLS with the creators of YSM™ Kristen + Sheila [who each have 15+ years of expertise in marketing, consultant work, leadership, mentorship, and more] AND with other top experts in the social selling, mindset, and digital marketing space!


An active & supportive community of over 13,000 people, giveaways & the YSM™ Shop (all profit goes to support local charities!)


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Who is Your Story Matters™ for?

For beginners wanting to learn how to make meaningful income from home

For experienced digital marketers who want extra support, mentorship & self-development

For people who want to learn how to use their STORY & their STRENGTHS and how to use those to create and market digital products

I'm in! Let's do it! âž”

It's time, friend. See you on the inside.

i'm ready!